Monday, September 10, 2012

Say No To RESERVATION system !!

New Mini Blog!!

Generally , I hate talking about Politics in Public, But I would  protest  and love to say "NO to Reservation system". I am not convinced, Reservation system can not improve Social Status of under priviledged  or Backward classes of Society. I still can not forget the national level agitation caused by youth while implementation of "Mandal Commission" during Mr VP Singh Govt. Now a days, several Workers Union are also protesting against " Reservation in Promotion" also.

At the mean time, I am talking about :

  1. Reservation in Education / Competitive Exams
  2. Reservation in Employment (Public or Private Sectors) 
  3. Reservation in Promotion
I think that we should go ahead to "Guarantied Quality Education" for all. Govt should plan and devise such schemes which may be used to provide "Quality and Free Education" to every child of the country and let them compete freely with each other. 

As a responsible citizen of India, we all should think about it. Every thoughtful solution in this context should be appreciated. I would love to hear from you all.


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