Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Id Mubarak!!

New Blog!!
Wish you all readers "Id Mubarak". May God always be with you doing Good.

दूरियाँ दिल की मिटाने से ईद होती है.

You all know that India is country having several colors and religions. We respect and participate with festivals of any religion happily. 

Come on, let's walk together to the path of progress and success.!

God bless you.

Santosh, 31.08.11
Picture courtesy : Google, Hindi Quote : Dainik Jagaran Hindy Daily

Post script : O that ! If I could greet you all in URDU script also..Okay next time.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Deserve Then Desire.

New Blog!!

Since my childhood days, My father used to say me. First deserve, then desire. It’s been very inspiring and motivating.

You can guess that a child has several desires and wishes, they can demand for anything they like, they just don’t bother about the time, place or cost of the selected object. Sometimes, it’s very hard for me also to convince my kids. Children desires used to be unlimited, not just children, we (adult persons) have also many such desires and wishes as like :

  • I want to be Millionaire.
  • I want a Big House.
  • I want to travel the world.
  • I want a personal Aeroplane.
  • I want my own business.
  • I wish to have fitness as like Salman khan.
  • My ambition is  to be Doctor.
  • I  want a promotion and hefty increment in my job.

……..and so on.

Just wishing or having desire of something is not enough. We must think, are we worth for…?

Now a days , the world is very much materialistic, Life is very competitive. If we do not posses a big house, a 4-wheeler, a good bank balance (not in swiss bank..ha..ha.), a five figure salary. We are not recognized as successful in society.

Our kids & family members , used to demand one thing or another. Their demands are guided by TV, Magazines and neighbors also. Sometimes, they demand because there’s friend have the same thing, their wish list increases with entries to maintain their lifestyle and reputation. Their wish list seems to be the icon of their ego and attitude. After all मानव की इच्छाएँ अनंत होती हैं, मनुष्य इच्छाओं और परिस्थिती का दास होता है.

I try to inspire them with the same quote by my father “First Deserve Then Desire”.

My father used to convince me repeatedly, first..prepare yourself, labor hard and be eligible for the award and win it. If you try to hard and run towards your destination with honest effort, destiny will add wings to your destination to fly  towards you. Do not fed up with the circumstances you face, you would learn to make a balance with your destiny and circumstances. 

I have followed my father saying. It had made me rough and tough to win under difficult situations. All my successes so far are devoted to My Father. If you adopt the quote, you will learn with time and then you would also experience that now your wish list have some meaningful wishes, un-appropriate dreams/wishes will be deducted from the list. You will be happier and successful than your earlier period. 

I would like to suggest everybody who is in pursuit of a Goal, we should move ahead with a plan and strategy , you may pick some of the mentioned points:

  • Categorize your wishes
  • Define priorities
  • Research on the subject.
  • Study some good books on the subject.
  • Learn lessons from the pioneers of the related field.
  • Gather your tools.
  • Develop ..Never Say Die Spirit.
  • Devise and stick to a PLAN (there is a saying.. If you fail to Plan, you Plan to fail).
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Step ahead with confidence and do not stop till Goal is achieved.
These are proven techniques, not just words.

May God strengthen your wings to fly high till you  kiss the sky of your Ambition.!! Good luck. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Daily Prayer of a 9 year Kid

New Blog!!
My elder son 'Manu' pasted a written paper in Puja Section of our Home, I observed the contents , 

Prayer To God

Dear God,

I love you above all things, I'll do everything to please you. Please give your blessings to me and my family whole life.

For Mummy
Help mummy to get large amount of energy for doing work and help when she feels tired.

For younger brother(Kabir)
Make my brother 'Kabir', the most popular scientist in the entire world. Mummy also wish him to be an IAS officer, so make it possible too. First of all Kabir have to build a Robot for me  (which can play with me) and help mummy doing her house hold works.

For Daddy
Help Daddy to earn a plenty of money by doing a little amount of works. He has to work hard for office. He devotes maximum time to his office responsibilities and I have to suffer due to the same. Sometimes, he remains busy at office on holidays and Sundays too.

........So this is the daily prayer of  my 9 yr old kid.  I just wondered after reviewing his requests to God. He has not demanded anything for self, he just requested for his parents and younger brother. I became very emotional to know how much he cares for us.

Now, I have started following his blog ; he has started expressing his views about different aspects of life. 

Sometimes, I feel regretful when I can't share time with my kids. But, I love them very much. they are very special to me. 

God bless you my child.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Main Anna Hoon!!

“Main Anna Hoon….” my elder son announced in Home. I watched him closely.. .his younger brother (3yrs and six month kid) also imitated “Main Anna Hoon”, they both were watching a news clip. I just did not took it seriously. Later in the evening, I observed kids (aged between 4-12) wearing any kind of caps (be it birthday cap, paper cap or hat, even they tried to make paper caps, appearing same like as Gandhi topi) playing and enjoying the game of “Main Anna Hoon”. They were enjoying the game as like hide & seek, and Chor – Police.

So, Who is Anna ?? “Anna”, It’s not just another buzzword in media. It is an honest step to fight against Corruption. It is fight of common man against corrupt system. It is the name of modern day “Satyagraha”. If Anna Hazare succeeds / or not succeeds, people will remember him as new Age Gandhi and his efforts to fight corruption and improve social system will be memorable for the centuries to come.

Back to the title, What does it mean being “Anna” ??

It means that I am with Anna Hazare, It means that I dare to dream a Corruption-Free India, and I support Anna Hazare for his heroic efforts to free India from corruption. And I will do my bit to fight against corruption.

So, I raise questions to you all.
1. Do you feel pride to say “I am Anna”? Will you stand by Anna Hazare, if he needs one more person to come up with him to strengthen his movement?
2. Will you spread awareness to fight against Corruption with Anna Hazare method or any other way?
If you wish to give a better future to your child? If you’re a true Indian who wishes to strengthen our country, You have to be with “Anna” and you must feel proud to announce loudly “Main Anna Hoon”.

So are you “ANNA” ?? , tell me and inspire people to fight against “Corruption”.

It's a  good news readers, after a 12 days fast and continuous struggle led by great Anna Hazare and assisted by Mr Arwind Kejariwal, Kiran bedi and millions of patriot indian supporters , our Govt has agreed on the conditions set by "Team Anna" to move ahead to pass "Jan LokPal bill" to fight corruption properly. I would like to congratulate and thank Indian citizen. I will repeat "Anna's words", This is just a half win in the struggle, we have to fight continuously for optimum social change required to facilitate "common man" and narrow the gap between Rich and Poors.

This win has also proved the "Gandhigiri ( The very special way to protest.. "Satyagraha") is still practical in this Modern Age of Internet and can be used to win. You would have remebered , "Gandhigiri" term was popularly used in the film "Munna Bhai MBBS".

We should also struggle to get the "Right to Recall" (briefed by Mr Arwind Kejariwal), i.e. if we have a right to vote to elect the leader and send him to Parliament, if his work during the period is not satisfactory, we (the common man) should also have "Right to Recall" him back.

So, we have another struggle to win.. Keep moving on.

Do Your Bit for Society and support the cause.

Vande Mataram.      

Monday, August 8, 2011

An Open letter to a Friend

Dear Friend,

How r you? I miss you so much. I am sorry I could not send you cards to greet on the occasion of friendship day.

There are several occassions of daily routine, when I remember you. Some of the moments are :

1. When I sip a cup of coffee alone,
2.When I hear a song of a new artist and wish to get your comment.
3. When I am walking on road alone.
4. When I wish to get rid of a confusion to do or not to do (I remember sometimes u used to toss a coin and let the matter decided by God).
5. When I experiment with a recipe at home on holidays, I know , you also loved innovative cooking.
6. When I can not decide to take care of pets (whether it is fish or love birds).
7. When I get hurt by any one of my close family member, I need your shoulder .
8. When I hesitate to share my feelings and strategy with my wife also .
9. When I sit under the clear sky and star gazing at night, I need to discuss about ET, Aliens and possibility of Life except our mother earth, some times I share my curiosity with my kid.
10. When I think something new about financial planning and early retirement.
11. Whenever I achieve something in my life due to my hard work +inspiration and suggestions by you.

There are many other regular and special moments also, when I observe a son-father, brother-brother, kids-mother cordial relationship and I remember you.

Sometimes you are the only Answer when we can't discuss something with our elders and can not ask from brothers and sisters.

I wish and will pray to God for my Kids to get a real Friend as like you.

May god bless you with a successful and happy life. Keep moving on with good health, you have a vital role to play, you have to inspire people to be a good human being and a Good friend. Every body needs a friend, he may be of any age, any caste or from any background.

Bye for now, I am getting emotional remembering you. I have to help my kid to write an essay about "friendship Day" also.

Planning to meet u very soon,

yours always

(I would feel proud if you also enlist my name in your Best friend's list also).

Friendship is the very special relationship. People say that marriages made in Heaven, I have experienced that a good friend is a boon of GOD.

Friday, August 5, 2011

What we do?

I would like to share a quote :
"What we think or what we know or what we believe is in the end , of little consequence, The only consequence is what we do?"
So I would like to draw your attention towards :
What we do? What we are forced to do? What we love to do?

I think you all would be agree that these are very important questions. 

Think Again.. 
- Are you happy with the job you are doing?
- Are you capable enough what you are doing?
- Are you satisfied with what you are doing for living?
- Do you get sufficient time to get involved with what you love to do?
- Have Your ambitions changed a lot with growing age?
Many peoples are forced/compromised to do what they did not like to do, but their life is greatly involved with the job to earn living and secure a good position in society.

The mentioned question rules our life, it is redefining our life and it's priorities every day. 

Many persons would be agree that we are doing the job ( but don't like to do) because we have to earn for living and we can buy happiness for our family with the current job. Again a question arises "Are we happy buying happiness.?"

The topic requires so much time for discussion. I would like to conclude :

1. Learn to strike a balance between what you do and what you love to do. 
    You will be more happier than before. 
2. Spare some time for yourself(100% for yourself) and do something for mental peace,
    it may not increase your earning, but whatever your get that would be more precious
    than money.


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