Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Main Anna Hoon!!

“Main Anna Hoon….” my elder son announced in Home. I watched him closely.. .his younger brother (3yrs and six month kid) also imitated “Main Anna Hoon”, they both were watching a news clip. I just did not took it seriously. Later in the evening, I observed kids (aged between 4-12) wearing any kind of caps (be it birthday cap, paper cap or hat, even they tried to make paper caps, appearing same like as Gandhi topi) playing and enjoying the game of “Main Anna Hoon”. They were enjoying the game as like hide & seek, and Chor – Police.

So, Who is Anna ?? “Anna”, It’s not just another buzzword in media. It is an honest step to fight against Corruption. It is fight of common man against corrupt system. It is the name of modern day “Satyagraha”. If Anna Hazare succeeds / or not succeeds, people will remember him as new Age Gandhi and his efforts to fight corruption and improve social system will be memorable for the centuries to come.

Back to the title, What does it mean being “Anna” ??

It means that I am with Anna Hazare, It means that I dare to dream a Corruption-Free India, and I support Anna Hazare for his heroic efforts to free India from corruption. And I will do my bit to fight against corruption.

So, I raise questions to you all.
1. Do you feel pride to say “I am Anna”? Will you stand by Anna Hazare, if he needs one more person to come up with him to strengthen his movement?
2. Will you spread awareness to fight against Corruption with Anna Hazare method or any other way?
If you wish to give a better future to your child? If you’re a true Indian who wishes to strengthen our country, You have to be with “Anna” and you must feel proud to announce loudly “Main Anna Hoon”.

So are you “ANNA” ?? , tell me and inspire people to fight against “Corruption”.

It's a  good news readers, after a 12 days fast and continuous struggle led by great Anna Hazare and assisted by Mr Arwind Kejariwal, Kiran bedi and millions of patriot indian supporters , our Govt has agreed on the conditions set by "Team Anna" to move ahead to pass "Jan LokPal bill" to fight corruption properly. I would like to congratulate and thank Indian citizen. I will repeat "Anna's words", This is just a half win in the struggle, we have to fight continuously for optimum social change required to facilitate "common man" and narrow the gap between Rich and Poors.

This win has also proved the "Gandhigiri ( The very special way to protest.. "Satyagraha") is still practical in this Modern Age of Internet and can be used to win. You would have remebered , "Gandhigiri" term was popularly used in the film "Munna Bhai MBBS".

We should also struggle to get the "Right to Recall" (briefed by Mr Arwind Kejariwal), i.e. if we have a right to vote to elect the leader and send him to Parliament, if his work during the period is not satisfactory, we (the common man) should also have "Right to Recall" him back.

So, we have another struggle to win.. Keep moving on.

Do Your Bit for Society and support the cause.

Vande Mataram.      


  1. Sir, I am also Anna. We should all support Anna.

  2. Main bhi Anna Hoon.

  3. Hi! Firstly, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving link to this post. I am glad to have discovered your blog :)

    Its not everyday that someone shows so much courage and stands against the system as Anna Hazare has done. Also, its really time for a change, we are just deteriorating day by day as a society and people do not deserve the kind of crap they have to put up with everything related to a govt office. I am proud to say Main bhi Anna Hoon :)

  4. It definitely sounds like a worthwhile cause!


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