Monday, August 8, 2011

An Open letter to a Friend

Dear Friend,

How r you? I miss you so much. I am sorry I could not send you cards to greet on the occasion of friendship day.

There are several occassions of daily routine, when I remember you. Some of the moments are :

1. When I sip a cup of coffee alone,
2.When I hear a song of a new artist and wish to get your comment.
3. When I am walking on road alone.
4. When I wish to get rid of a confusion to do or not to do (I remember sometimes u used to toss a coin and let the matter decided by God).
5. When I experiment with a recipe at home on holidays, I know , you also loved innovative cooking.
6. When I can not decide to take care of pets (whether it is fish or love birds).
7. When I get hurt by any one of my close family member, I need your shoulder .
8. When I hesitate to share my feelings and strategy with my wife also .
9. When I sit under the clear sky and star gazing at night, I need to discuss about ET, Aliens and possibility of Life except our mother earth, some times I share my curiosity with my kid.
10. When I think something new about financial planning and early retirement.
11. Whenever I achieve something in my life due to my hard work +inspiration and suggestions by you.

There are many other regular and special moments also, when I observe a son-father, brother-brother, kids-mother cordial relationship and I remember you.

Sometimes you are the only Answer when we can't discuss something with our elders and can not ask from brothers and sisters.

I wish and will pray to God for my Kids to get a real Friend as like you.

May god bless you with a successful and happy life. Keep moving on with good health, you have a vital role to play, you have to inspire people to be a good human being and a Good friend. Every body needs a friend, he may be of any age, any caste or from any background.

Bye for now, I am getting emotional remembering you. I have to help my kid to write an essay about "friendship Day" also.

Planning to meet u very soon,

yours always

(I would feel proud if you also enlist my name in your Best friend's list also).

Friendship is the very special relationship. People say that marriages made in Heaven, I have experienced that a good friend is a boon of GOD.


  1. It seems that you miss your friend very much. Happy Independence Day.


  2. Hi! Very touching post, I am sure your friend misses you too and must be feeling really happy that he has you for a friend!

  3. What a touching letter. Your friend was/is lucky to have you in his or her life. It sounds like you were very close. Everyone needs a friend like that.


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