Thursday, August 25, 2011

Daily Prayer of a 9 year Kid

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My elder son 'Manu' pasted a written paper in Puja Section of our Home, I observed the contents , 

Prayer To God

Dear God,

I love you above all things, I'll do everything to please you. Please give your blessings to me and my family whole life.

For Mummy
Help mummy to get large amount of energy for doing work and help when she feels tired.

For younger brother(Kabir)
Make my brother 'Kabir', the most popular scientist in the entire world. Mummy also wish him to be an IAS officer, so make it possible too. First of all Kabir have to build a Robot for me  (which can play with me) and help mummy doing her house hold works.

For Daddy
Help Daddy to earn a plenty of money by doing a little amount of works. He has to work hard for office. He devotes maximum time to his office responsibilities and I have to suffer due to the same. Sometimes, he remains busy at office on holidays and Sundays too.

........So this is the daily prayer of  my 9 yr old kid.  I just wondered after reviewing his requests to God. He has not demanded anything for self, he just requested for his parents and younger brother. I became very emotional to know how much he cares for us.

Now, I have started following his blog ; he has started expressing his views about different aspects of life. 

Sometimes, I feel regretful when I can't share time with my kids. But, I love them very much. they are very special to me. 

God bless you my child.


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