Monday, October 31, 2011

Beware of Population explosion !!!

Take a serious look and think about the situations ..

Observe the mentioned points of this diagram also !!

It is said that "One Illustration says thousand words", I am running short  of words and time to explain the most serious issue of man-kind.But I  just did not wanted to miss the chance to "warn" and "draw attention" towards the concerns  related with the issue.It is not just  another burning  problem, it is the  root cause of many dangerous problems may arise in  future. So take proper precautionary measures well in advance before population explosion on the earth.               

B  e  w  a  r  e  !!!

Please Do your Bit to control population, right there in your home, family, city and state, your suggestions and initiatives in this context is Welcome.
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  1. A friend of mine once did an assignment for university on this topic. It was a tremendous eye opener. I've only got one child, I can only ever have one child, so my job in helping to control the population is done. I can't imagine a world where we run out of resources, water, air, food... we must all be careful.

  2. Very Nice post, I would like to say that 'INFLATION' & 'POPULATION' are the two biggest concerns for India.

  3. Education only can bring this awareness.

  4. its very painful when i m thinking about india population so please do that which are beneficial for indian people & india

  5. @jules : Thank you for your initiative. i appreciate your feelings for serving and caring Mother earth.

    @Amit : Agree with you, Poor literacy rate is also major reason.

    @Tina's Picstory : Thanks for visiting.

    @Renu : I agree with you, Thank you for participating with the discussion.

    @Shashikant : I am doing my bit, hope to involve you all with this project too.

  6. Very nice, sad but true! We all need to do our bit.

  7. You have raised very important point. Now , World's population has crossed 7 Billion figure. This is the biggest problem!!

    Where as , it is easy to control , if every concerned person starts thinking about Family planning seriously.

  8. very nice, and 100% true.. really i appreciate you for such a good post and good blog....

  9. बढती आबादी ....ये तो डराने वाली समस्या है!!

    अंजलि 'मानसी'

  10. The population tree depicts everything in its full swings.Thanks for the same .

  11. @Rachana : Thank you for visiting.

    @Chandrani the Dreams : Thanks for appreciation.

    @Reena Maurya : Thanks!

    Anjali 'Mansi' : Thank you for supporting my appeal, Do visit again.

    @Veeru Bhai : Thank you , I love your Blog too, we will fight together.

  12. Hi, I think when it comes to India, a lot of people are changing especially educated ones. But population is not a big concern in the West, as their population is not that high, and they somehow do not see the bigger picture concerning the world population, so most white families in the west still go for 4-5 kids. I think people all over the world, irrespective of their ethnicity or race need to understand that world population needs to be controlled and accordingly take measures.

  13. Population explosion is indeed frightening! In fact, this is the root of almost all our problems here. Working for the rights and causes of the under privileged children, (especially child labour) for over a decade, I have seen what pathetic impact it has over these children. On the other hand, the scenario during admissions is simply indescribable!
    A very well illustrated post!

  14. nice presentation...if only everybody is aware of this will be a different place,,,a heaven perhaps.

  15. if we don't think about it.we loss our planet...

  16. It is painful to see the future of coming generations in context of population explosion because all problems(unemployment, pollution, illetracy, crime towards women and children)are born of over population. In India Gov. shoul apply One child policy to save the planet

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