Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Diwali !!

New Blog!!

Wishing you all the Best for Light Festival. May your Life ahead be enriched with health, wealth, wisdom, peace and prosperity.

Diwali is celebrated to spread Brightness and Happiness all around. It is symbol and celebration of win of Good over Evil. There are still many form of evil around us , the darkness of evil is trying and wooing everyone, but  have to overcome it. We all should try our best to enlighten the heart of every unhappy and poor person on earth.  

We live for our self but we do have responsibility for society too.  I would like to share some suggestions regarding Diwali, Mind it , I hope you would love to  -

  • Gift a sweet-box to your sub-ordinates.
  • Gift a sweet-box and blessings to your driver, security –guard, house maid, newspaper vendor.
  • Pay a surprise visit with crackers, flowers  and sweets  to local Old Age Home.
  • Gift “Gullaks” to your friends and relatives as symbol of good luck gesture and wishes for Money saving.
  • Use LED lights for decoration, it consumes less power than regular bulb.
  • Avoid use of crackers, minimize if not avoidable.
  • Spend time with kids & family, teach your kids about Diwali celebration and importance of Money saving. 
If you love Hindi poetry, please check my new Hindi Post dedicated for "Diwali". Click the given link in Hindi.

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  1. I love the idea of having a day to celebrate good over evil! I wish we had something like that in the United States. Enjoy!! :)

  2. Happy Diwali, Santosh!! ((HUG))

  3. @Rita : Thanks for good wishes.

    @Jules.: Thank you very much.

  4. Happy Diwali to everybody.

    Very nice quote of Vivekanand.



  5. Happy Diwali @santosh.The festivals are the time when we connect with our near and dear ones and also with our families, gifting at Diwali is a beautiful tradition.


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