Sunday, March 11, 2012

Power of the Words

New Blog!!

Last week. One of my senior official at works , shared a sms with me. It was really remarkable.  If you can follow and apply the message in your life, Life would be very much easier :
  • .       Forgive those persons   which are unforgettable.
  • .       Forget  those persons  which  are beyond forgiveness .

Due to heavy workload at works (Nov to Mar), I could not contribute much to my Blog.. very soon by the end of this month , I will be back with my own pace to share my experience and experiments with LIFE again.

Enjoy and have a nice time with “Beloved Life” !. Check my hindi poems at


  1. Agreed with you...but it is always very hard to "forget" in both the cases.

    Anjali 'Manasi'

  2. wonderful quotes !!

  3. आपके अगली पोस्ट का बेसब्री से इंतेज़ार है..कृपया अग्रेजी ब्लॉग को भी थोडा समय जरुर दें.


    अंजलि 'मानसी'

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