Thursday, April 26, 2012

Power of LOVE !

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There is tremendous power in Love.

1. It changes hearts,
2. It renews spirits,
3. It gives hope to the despairing,
4. It lifts the weary, restores physical and mental health too.
5. And  most important effect is that it brings happiness where there was none.

I just read the mentioned lines from the Desk Calendar of an Executive and felt very touched and could not resist to share the wonderful effects of Love with you all.

So I would suggest to :

1. Do not limit your Love just to your family, share with others too.
2. Never hesitate to hug a person, it can boost his/her energy.
3. Do something every day to see a tinkle in the eyes of any sad or needy person.
4. Let Love happen to you... Let Life happen to you.
5. Spread Love all around... it is very precious, gets multiplied if you share. 

Love yourself , Love the Nature and Be in Love you would feel blessed and charged all the time .


  1. nice thought ...

    missed your column since a long time.


  2. Lovely words .... love the post.
    Yes, I try and abide by these wonderful lines always. Whatever you do becomes a habit in due course. If one starts practicing these lines they will sure turn to habit gradually. Moreover, they are not at all tough but very nice and simple.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Agreed ... sharing our Love with others should be in our daily routine.

  3. वाह बहुत सुंदर प्रस्तुति । मेरे नए पोस्ट "बिहार की स्थापना के 100 वर्ष पर" आपके प्रतिक्रियाओं की आतुरता से प्रतीक्षा रहेगी । धन्यवाद ।


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