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Special Sunday (04.09.11)

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It was a charming Sunday, 4th Sept, 2011. I was very excited about  this plan to be executed on this Sunday. Actually, I have planned a “7 Km morning walk”. The decided path was Masodha (Factory colony) to Naka bypass, Faizabad city. My office subordinates were also agreed to participate. You will wonder to know that my elder son “ Param” also participated very happily although I had to share the idea with him in the last minutes only.

Actually, I wanted to do something different on Sundays, the colonial life at our Factory is not very entertaining. Generally people like to spend they their whole day inside their home. If they meet their neighbor, they usually talk about Factory.. factory.. and just factory.

Back to the main topic, So we started our walk by 8am, I tried to convince  Manu (nick name of Param), but he succeed to convince me that he is tough one to complete the morning walk. Manu is my elder son , He is just 9 years old, studying in Std Vth.  Although I had a secret plan that if any where mid way during the morning walk he feels tired, I will send him back to home by Auto rickshaw along with anyone of colleague.

My followers were Sachin, KP Singh, Parmeshwar and Ranvijay. Everybody aged between 26 to 36 except Manu. We were talking about greeneries, streets of the villages turning to the left or right of the main road. It was a good weather, temperature about 25-27 degrees, sky was clouded and there was slow breeze of wind blowing from east to west.

I just whispered the lines of Robert frost :

The woods are lovely dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
I have miles to go before I sleep,
I have miles to go before I sleep.

We talked about Agriculture practices by villagers, paddy fields , water irrigation system and child hood days at villages. There were chirping sounds of birds all around us. But the most important fact was that Manu was leading all of us. He was moving quickly, there was a time when he was about ½ Km ahead of us and I had to send one of my colleague to run behind him. Manu was very happy. I still wonder about his zeal for the walk.

We observed starting traffic on road, during the walk, there were some moments when some Autorickshaw just stopped beside us expecting to get 5 customers at one point. Some times, we saw people were staring to us  as we are going for a march past etc.

We reached to our destination after 1 hour 20 minutes, it was 10-20 minutes more than my estimated time, if we could have walked with speed of Manu, we would have reached after just 50 minutes. We looked for any good tea stall , but there were tea stalls but no one has prepared “Jalebi”. We decided to return by Auto and enjoy “ garma-garam-jalebi” near by Masodha at “Chauhan’s restaurant”. Jalebi seemed to be tastier than any other days. We had completed the walk successfully.

I mean to say that we should challenge our limits. Step by step, one by one. We can be better. We can be strong. I just wanted to test my fitness and stamina. Now I can say that I can walk 10km in a stretch and it would not take more than 2 hours. So this is the short story of one of my Special Sunday.

Sundays are very special days of the week. Sometimes, I wish to make it special by doing something new, something challenging. I just try to do something to please my inner self. I used to re-organize and re-charge myself to face new upcoming challenges in next week.

We never know our capacities unless we test it or we had to face as challenge. Generally we under estimate our strengths, we used to live in fear of failure.

We can win, we can overcome our fears. Have faith and self-confidence, There is a “Winner” inside us seeking for a Chance to prove.  Don’t let the lucky chance get away from your hand, seek for opportunities. Very few people know about their abilities, we must explore our abilities.

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  1. its nice for a change to go for a walk...and then you should also enjoy the walk...
    I usually end up getting bore ...with jogging...after two miles so prefer gym with exercises to make it more refreshing ...But walks are always welcome!
    Jalebis are Fun

  2. Hi! I had missed the walk, I should have joined you and Manu. Better luck next time.

  3. Walking, now that's a nice way to explore the world around you, and at 7 kms, an adventurist does that only on treks, mainly in the woods, if not upto 16 kms. Coming back to the point here, there are many who will hop on their bike or jump in their care to run an errand even a km away.Even if the weather is good.This is baloney. Walking promotes better health. It also reduces unnecessary wastage of precious fuel and reduces pollution.
    Thanks for the surprise visit to my blog,and a comment at that.Glad that there are more people of the type :) And that you say you are into adventure spots, would really love to know more. I am following you with effect to this post.

  4. Thank you Sir for featuring my name with this Blog post. I would gladly join you anytime for such exciting trips.

  5. Thank you Sir. I would love to join such trips. I have also enjoyed it.

  6. Hi!. very interesting. Do inform me about your next "Special Morning session". I would love to join.

  7. Thank you Dad! I will join you again for a long walk after my Ist term exams. I have really enjoyed it, but tell me .. How to convince kabir? You know that He will cry,if not allowed.

  8. It is such a nice experience to go out rather than sit in front of TV. And I agree with challenging ourselves to do better..

    Keep scheduling such activities and post about them here :D

  9. @Harman : Thanks for appreciating our Walking trip.

    @Hanslata : अवसर को पहचानो! Uou never know, when will you get the next chance. I hope you would join us next time, we may cut short the distance for you. Believe in yourself, You can do.

  10. @Basil : Thanks for visiting my Blog and promoting "Walking". I am not much involved with Adventure sports, because our professional responsibilities consumes much of our day and night, Although whenever I have spare time , I love to explore and be part of such activities. I am looking for a chance to join your group in future. This year, I have visited Corbett National park and planning for a white water rafting tour. Keep sharing your adventure trips.

  11. @adayinlifeofamom : TV watching is a type addiction. I just watch News channel, NGC, Discovery and selected Movie Channels, but it is frustrating when every news is being flashed as another "Breaking News".

  12. I missed the trip, I should have joined you. ! Km walking is my daily routine, but it was really special, Do call me next time.

  13. A very sweet post. Yes feels wonderful to take a walk with friends/dear one.


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