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Tips for Enjoyment and Relaxation (Part:2)

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(Holidays & Sundays)

Continued from Last Blog. dated : 14.09.11

Generally people spend a large amount of money to purchase things or services to make them Happy, they have to move outside of Home to get enjoyment. They go to parties, join some clubs, gradually they start spending quality time outside their home.

If they do not understand reasons well in time, they make distances with their family in the pursuit of Happiness. Sometimes they have to seek advise of Consultant to explore Enjoyment in daily life.

During weekdays, it is hard to share ample time with family members, but we can utilize Sundays and holidays to bridge the gap and meet family grievances by spending quality time with them. It would not only make them happy, you would also share this big deal too.

I am submitting some tips, these are practical ones , most importantly … very economical ones, you have to be with family and mind the given suggestions.. 

Morning :
  • Surprise your spouse with bed tea, Remember that aroma and taste of the tea should be better.
  • Go for a long walk. Feel the beauty and greenery of nature.
  • Spend sometime in your garden, involve kids, plant some new flowers, teach them Gardening techniques.
  • Organize your Home, remove clutter from your desk, maintain separate files for important documents.
  • Wash your vehicle, ask kids to clean their cycle, roller skates etc too.
  • Enjoy bathing with kids, teach them to arrange their cloths and accessories,
  • Enjoy a family Breakfast with lot of chit-chat conversation.
  • Take account of kids studies, check their notebooks and teacher's comments. 
  • Teach something new to your kids to enhance their creativity.
  • Call your friends and relatives whom you miss a lot. Delete unnecessary sms and phone no from your mobiles.
  • Do something to speed up your PC/ laptop , as like disk cleanup and defragmentation.
  • Watch some knowledgeable content on TV channel.
  • Join your spouse in kitchen with kids , Cook some new receipe and enjoy Family lunch.
  • If you love and miss naps after lunch on weekdays, you can enjoy 2-3 hours sleep also, if not interested with Sleeping, Read a good Book..

  • Play a game of cricket or hockey with family members and kids. Involve your neighbors and their kids too. You will get a chance to know them also, who used to play regularly with your kids.Train them the basics of the game too if you can.
  • Motivate your spouse to learn driving scooter  / 4 wheeler etc, if she is not skilled.
  • Visit local worship place to participate in prayer, teach kids about spiritual ritual and beliefs being followed in society.
  • Go for shopping , your spouse would love too, it may be that during week days, she has to go for shopping alone. Two person can make a good deal and bargain effectively.
  • Visit local grocery store with your kids and let them learn about identifying quality vegetables, fishes, meat etc.
  • Pay visit to your local  old aged relative, spend some time with them.
  • Visit to your new neighbor and enjoy tea during introduction. You can develop your relationship as new family friend. A good neighbor is as good as a good relative or friend.
  • Arrange a common prayer session of your family members.
  • Enjoy movie at local multiplex or you may opt for watching a new DVD at your home also.

Most important thing, never miss a chance to chat with your wife as and when you feel free. Don't think about place or time to start the conversation, just be with her and share her ideas and feelings regarding several issues. She can inform you about your kids good and bad habits, their performance at school etc.

She will be happier, you may explore hidden aspects of her personality and she would enjoy your company all the way.I am insisting on this point because I have experienced that We should respect the individuality of our spouse. Our likes and dislikes may be different, but we can share the feelings. She bears greater responsibly to perform, we must explore the ways to please her. She can make your day.. she can be inspiration behind your success. After all She is the "Better Half"   of our life.

 I have learnt that people who seek "Happiness" outside their home and love to spend quality time with outsiders (persons , not in the group of family or friends), they have to suffer and remain restless in future too 

All the mentioned tips would enrich your life with enjoyment directly or indirectly, sooner or later. You must give these tips a try.. no side effect at all. I repeat and  insist  explore "Happiness" inside your Home, along with family members. The Gods of happiness are all around you... your spouse and kids. If you belong to a joint family, then  its a BONUS for your Happy life. 

Wish you all good luck and happy life.

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  1. Bhaiya, These are really nice thing, but we may do the same on weekends only(including Sat+Sun)due to lack of time.


  2. I liked the Noon and Evening section very much, I also read the Part:1, I follow the Dinner suggestions, We all love to eat Dinner together.

    Nice Tips. Thank you for writing such post and spreading happiness in our Life.

    Vimala Tiwari

  3. The tips are useful for Bachelors also.. I will follow maximum tips after Marriage. Thanks.

  4. Very Good list of suggestions, I appreciate it. Would you post some tips for Bachelors also ? I will suggest to my young children.

    Keep it up.

  5. @Pramod : This post is specially written for Sundays and Holidays. You should submit comments with your Blogger login, after all now, you have started Blogging.

  6. Hi! Very useful tips. I wish every family follow the tips and be happy for ever.

  7. So, family should be on priority list.. Good post. Some tips are really praiseworthy.


  8. I liked this very much...all the said things not only gives time to finish off house chores (which are normally left off during weekdays due to time constraint), but while doing that one is able to spend time with family members...

  9. Will try to follow the tips, very useful list.

    Sameer Siddiqui

  10. @adayinlifeofmom : The virtue of the post is to enjoy life at home , involving key family members. Thank you.

  11. @Sameer : Thank you for visiting, Be regular visitor.

    @Thinker : Thanks for appreciation.

  12. It's very nice how much you value your family and your spouse. I love reading your posts because it shows great respect for her. In respecting others, you do yourself a great justice as well. :)

  13. Hello Santosh

    Thanks for your visit to Hues n Shades...and thanks for asking the permission. It means a lot! Yes, you can use it as wallpaper:)

    Do keep visiting.


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