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Tips for Enjoyment and Relaxation (Part:1)

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Modern day's life is very stressful. Everybody is in hurry, it is very confusing that people love to perform multitasking or they are forced to perform multitasking (to complete several tasks in limited time). We all are sick of being stressful, every second person is living with fatigue. Psychological disorders are common in Metro cities, if continuously ignored, these disorder leading to severe diseases as like BP, Heart Stroke,hyper Tension  Alzhiemer's disease etc.

People used to spend a large amount of money, they have to move outside of Home to get enjoyment. Sometimes they have to seek advise of Consultant to explore Enjoyment in daily life.

I am submitting some tips, these are practical ones , most importantly … very economical ones. Try some of the tips, you would learn to Enjoy in your daily routine also :

  • Start waking up early in the morning , if possible start your day in “bramha muhurta”, just 30-60 minutes before Sunrise.
  • Go for a nature walk. If your spouse or kids joins you, that is a bonus for the walk.
  • Feel the freshness of air and fragrance of flower.
  • If you spot morning dews on grass, walk with naked foot, it heals your eyes.
  • Back to your home, sip a cup of tea with wife.
  • If you have spare time and you are not in hurry for office, you may assist your wife in the chorus of preparing children for schools.
  • Switch off your mobile phones during Lunch.
  • Share your Lunch with colleagues , start a light hearted conversation.
  • If you can manage 10-15 minutes of spare time, enjoy nap or just close your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Don’t think about any serious subject during the course.
  • Walk around your workplace, don’t say or ask anybody, just watch them performing their tasks. Just be there as a witness. Do not think, do not compare.. do not analyze or judge.
  • Pack your bag. Keep your personal docs properly.
  • If you are using your personal vehicle, you may switch on FM or selected playlist of songs.
  • Buy a bunch of flower to surprise your wife. It would also decorate and spread fragrance to your drawing room.
  • You may buy some chocolates for your kids.
  • If you can reach at your home before 2 hours of Dinner time, you may enjoy  tea or coffee with wife. You may chat with your kids about their day at school or  gossip with your wife.
  • If she has gone through a busy / stressful day due to heavy work load of house hold activities, you may help her while cooking also.
  • You can read book of your choice.
  • You may join your kids while watching a cartoon show for ½ hour.
  • Ask your kids to  - draw favorite cartoon character or face of their friend.
    • Sing a song
    • Dance with your kids

Have dinner with your family. Remember, Eat together to stay happy together.

You can help your kids to improve their table manners and etiquettes too.
Read a story to your kids to help them for sleeping. Watch their innocence if they get asleep in the middle of the story.

Go to bed early and have a sound sleep, it is necessary to have 6-8 hours sound sleep for a working professional. Late night TV watching should be avoided, If you love to write Diary, you may give some time to this hobby too before switching off lights.

I would welcome your comments and suggestions on the subject.

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  1. Nice tips! I would love to follow 'noon" section.

  2. Evening section is very important to finish day pleasantly.


  3. Nice tips.......
    some points are easy to follow...
    very useful......
    thanks for sharing

  4. If I start waking up before Sunrise, it can add 90 minutes to my daily life. I can do something for my health too.

    Thank you very much.. I will appreciate the morning tips.


  5. Very good points. Although single now, I grew up with time for family around the dinner table. Too many have lost that and it's important, those connections and the chance to visit with one another. I almost always am up with the sun. It adds to my day and makes me feel ready to meet it and whatever comes my way.

    Thank you for taking the time to post these positive aspects to life.

  6. Slowing down and appreciating nature, meals, friends, and loved ones is excellent advice. My life took and unexpected health detour a few years ago, but this forced change has turned out to be wonderful in many ways. My life is peaceful and calmer than it has even been before. A bright silver lining!

    I am so glad you stopped by my blog and am now a new follower of yours. Have a peaceful day! :)

  7. @Teresa : Thank you for reviewing. Very soon I will post tips for Single persons also.

  8. Great tips. Thank you for sharing.

  9. useful tips they are...thanks for sharing...!!!

  10. good tips esp the one that says "reach home at least 2 hours before dinner time". i wish i could show this to Sathya & wish he'd read & follow it :((

  11. one request: pls remove the word verification for comments

  12. @Reflections : Thank you for reviewing.

    @R. Ramesh : It's my pleasure, Do visit again.

  13. @Eden : Thanks for reviewing, very soon, I am posting the next part.

    @Irfanuddin : Thank you for visiting, do read the next part.

  14. @Sujatha : Thank you for reviewing the post. I will remove word verification for comments.

  15. @Dr Monika Sharma : Thank You, Do visit again.

    @RITA : I am glad to know that Your life is peaceful and calmer. It's a very rare gift of God to you. I pray to God for your good health.

    I have shortlisted the tips which can bring peace, enjoyment and relaxation in our stressful life. Thank you for visiting my Blog.

  16. Started walking in morning. Feeling better and refreshed. Looking ahead to get flowers in evening..

    I will share the tips with my friends too. Thanks for presenting a very useful post.

  17. Read both the post and found your tips very useful.The posts are worth printing out .Thanks for sharing .Have a wonderful Sunday !

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