Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to fight Terrorism ?

Recent MUMBAI bomb blasts has again caused the trauma of terror and fear in the society. Govt intelligence fails to anticipate any clue, Even CCTV camera fails to  suggest a clear picture of the terrorist. Politicians turned busy to blame one or another, they also forget the discipline of Pubic Speech about how to say and what not to say.

Before mentioning some suggestions , I would like to point out some very common reasons  :

  1. Under development of selected area (places, where training camps organized or bases of NAXAL dominated areas)
  2. Poverty and poor rate of literacy.
  3. Unemployment
  4. Loss of faith in society
  5. Non co-ordination between State and Central Govt

Suggestions :

  1. Generally , we believe that Govt and Police has the responsibilities to think about it, No it is not enough. Common man have to step in. We should keep our eyes and ears open to sense any conspiracy in our neighborhood.
  2. University should introduce courses to spread awareness against fighting terrorism; same way as like Anti-Aids movement, Disaster management.
  3. Govt has a bigger role to play by setting up village level/ block level committee. They have to spread the feeling of confidence and faith. They have to run movements for motivating integrity and unity among peoples.
  4. Security system is not up todate  at public places, whether it Railway station, bus stand or Subzi Mandi. Still, it is very easy to pass through Railway station or Bus stand  carrying a weapon / bomb.
  5. I have learnt from media that 90% of terrorist are found to be Youth. It a young man is secured with a good employment, it would not be easy to turn him to terrorism. They are motivated for enjoy life lavishly for a short period  and get utilized / sacrificed their life. Actually they are being sponsored to work for terrorism.
  6. Govt judiciary system should be quick, they take very long time to finalize a punishment. Azmal Kasab is still Alive and inspiring to repeat such incidents, No body can guess when he would be crucified  for his evil deeds.
  7. State Govt and Central Govt will have to work together, they should develop a network of Intelligence Agency through out the country to guess and analyze any clue well in time.
  8. Media should not publicize and highlight the deeds of terrorist as Hero (Remember, some times Villains score over Hero of the film due to presentation and focus).
  9. We, common man is busy with routine problems to survive, we are ignoring our social responsibility. We are avoiding to stand by a needy or worried man, we are forgetting our basic values of joint family, joint village, joint state and united India. It is needed to break the virtual partition between us

Remember :
  • A feast can not be enjoyed alone.
  • A joke can not be cracked alone.
  • A race can not be won alone.
  • A journey can not be successful, if traveled  alone.
  • A life can not be lived alone, we need family, friends, neighbors.

Let’s think together to fight terrorism. It’s not an easy task, but can be achieved if we remain integrated and united.

I would welcome all suggestions and hope you all would do your bit towards fighting terrorism and spread the message to every patriot Indian.

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  1. Okay. Lets start terrorizing the terrorist.


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