Friday, July 29, 2011

One Picture raises thousand Questions?

This is India!!. Does this happens only in India?Is there any Rail Ministry in India? Who is the Rail Minister of India?

I have heard about India’s vision of running Bullet train by 2020? Is it possible?

Are we inviting accidents? Who is responsible for Accidents? What is being done by Government? What should be our contributions as Common Man to make things practically better?

If this picture wins any award, we should feel the PRIDE or we should be Shameful??

So this is the sample of Railway system in India, suggestion for improvement :
1. Increase literacy.
2. Develop Railway Infrastructure.

Do your bit for improvement and pride of India.


  1. We should be shameful. Railway ministry should devise a long term plan to avoid such great crowd traveling this way. I would appeal the common man to avoid traveling in this way

  2. Govt need to do a herculean effort with a good plan to develop railway infrastructure in Rural India.

  3. Bhaiya, Greetings! In my opinion u r absolutely right, but each and everyone aware from that also. But need of exact action and implementation..........Most of the places we are(public) only responsible for that becoz there is a very big communication gap between us and our district/state representative like: public->Member of Parliament->Concern Ministry.

    Now its impossible to overcome this type of problem becoz everyone(Officers)is a days.

  4. Its really sad but this is the state of all sorts of public transport - be it train or bus. Our population is way too high and infrastructure way too unsatisfactory! What we need more than anything are leaders with a vision and quick decision making and quick implementation devices. By the time, the leaders today propose and pass a plan, the population grows so much that the plan becomes absolutely futile. Or by the time, the infrastructure is built, there is need for bigger and better infrastructure. I mean if the Chinese can build a road to Mt.Everest in 4 months, why does it take us 4 years to make a flyover in metros. Can't we implement such engineering techniques in our country?

  5. That photo really is an incredible one, but not in the good sense. It's mindblowing, actually. Where I'm from this would just never ever be seen. Are there lots of tragic accidents due to this? I thought these things only happened in Bollywood movies where SRK dances with his leading actress atop a moving train.. was that in DDLJ? Gosh, I can't recall, I've seen too many now. Anyway, to see that this is for real.. I am actually speechless.

  6. This is reality of India, it is regretful to say that You would hardly find a seat in trains / buses in regular class. You can enjoy journey in Good shape only you are travelling in AC coaches.
    We need to develop our Infrastructure, We need to control population. But due to improper execution of Govt. policies and corruption, we are progressing with very slow speed.

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