Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rahul Gandhi : Road to destination

How do we identify Mr Rahul Gandhi? A prodigal son of Ganhi Family, prominent candidate of Prime minister Post, successor of Nehru dynasty….Most eligible bachelor (No doubt, he is competing with Salman khan). A padyatri , loves to know common man problem on road, sips tea on cot with villagers… currently trying to woo peoples of UP to re-establish CONGRESS in pole position.

On 11th july, I was watching “Vinod dua Live” TV Show on NDTV, I agree with his words (I respect Mr Vinod Dua and Pranav Rai), why don’t Mr Rahul takes a responsibility in cabinet prior to become PM in near future. Why don’t he takes charge of Railway ministry.. the most suffering portfolio in ministry now a days. Or is he ambitious enough to settle with PM post only. If he has got the mettle, he can prove his worth in the role of Dy. PM also. Suggested roles will give him a chance to be mature enough to succeed as PM.

I assume that next UP Election is Acid test for Mr Rahul Gandhi, his earlier failure in Bihar elections would be still haunting Congress leadership. He failed to outshine Mr NITISH KUMAR in Bihar.

I think that ROAD Show by Mr Rahul is not enough, he will have to come outside the shadows of his Guru – Mr Digvijay Singh also. To get practical experience , He should be in Ministry and do something important for Indian Youth . 


  1. yes. Rahul Gandhi will have to labor hard

  2. Yes. I do agree, Rahul Gandhi have a long way to go, he will have to work hard.

  3. You have identified Digvijay Singh as Rahul's guru, and speaks volume about the wisdom he must have been getting.
    The path of Rahul is TOOOOOOOO tough, as it seems right now. Undoubtedly, congress is in a very tough crisis due to failure in curbing the prices and the way PM keeps saying about the "gathabandhan dharm".
    Its the time that Rahul would have stepped in, shouldered some rsponsibility. The least he can do right now for the country is to ORDER Kapil Sibbal saheb to keep quite.


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